A letter to 13 year old Rebecca

This week I turn 25. A quarter of a century. The Big 2 5. However you choose to look at it, there’s no denying it sounds properly grown-up.
Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot about my tween self and have decided I’d like to write a letter to 13 year old Rebecca to pass on some words of wisdom after 25 years on this planet.

My darling, dearest Rebecca,
It’s you, from the future, weird right?
I’ve got so much I would really like to tell you. I thought given that we turn 25 this week I could share a few useful tips with you as you enter your teenage years. What years they shall be.
Please stick with me on this; I have become quite emotional and soppy in my old age.

1. You’re just as much of a badass with your glasses ON as you are with them OFF.

2. You have beautiful eyebrows that really do frame your face. Please, please use them.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be everything you want it to be and more.

4. The number on the tag in your jeans really doesn’t matter, my love. It is just a number and you are a goddess.

5. Some people aren’t nice. I really wish I could say differently but some people are just plain mean. It isn’t a reflection on you and it most definitely their problem, not yours.

6. You are going to love acting. Don’t be afraid to get up on that stage and use that big voice you’re hiding. You have a bell in every tooth and the world should hear about it!

7. Read ALL the books you possibly can; I know there are some on your horizon that are just waiting to change our life.

8. You’re going to do A-Level History and it’ll shape your thought process more than you could ever realise at the time. You will also come to adore a man called Aneurin Bevan; I won’t ruin the surprise but he’s kind of a big deal.

9. Try to say yes to more things; if you want to do something, just do it. This, of course, excludes bank robbery and pushing children over- that is definitely still frowned upon in the future.

10. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are ‘too much’. It’s those sorts of people who are not enough.

11. You’ve got that novel in you- fill all the notebooks you can and stick with it.

12.Don’t waste your time and energy please, he really is not worth it.

13. Nor is he.

14. Your brothers are your best friends in the world. It may be hard to believe right now as they are always winding you up and putting you in WWE finishing moves but seriously, they are the shizz. That’s right, ‘shizz’ just happened and I am not ashamed.

15. Ask Nana loads of questions; she is incredibly wise and will always want to put the world to right with you.

16. Chopping your hair off will be incredibly daunting but so incredibly worth it.

17. The Sims is still the greatest game you will ever play. Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!

18. You and Mum will finally go to Rome and have the best few days together. It will be everything you hope for and exactly like The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Ok, so you may not get mistaken for an Italian pop star but you will eat the best gelato of your life so swings and roundabouts, eh?

19. You know how everyone always says to you that things will fall into place when you’re least expecting it? Well, you will become one of those people because it is true.

20. Go buy that pink pair of Converse with brown shoelaces; if anyone can get away with them it’s you.

21. You are going to see orcas in the wild. I repeat, you are going to see ORCAS in the wild. That is all.

22. Love will knock you off your feet when you are least expecting it. You’re going to meet some people who will try to chip away at you and take away your wonderful little light- please don’t let them. Out there, right now, is a wonderful person who will unexpectedly arrive in your world and turn it upside down. He is going to look after that light and encourage you to glow even brighter. That’s when you will know you’ve got a keeper.

23. The people who are meant to be in your life will stay in it, no matter what.

24. Mum and Dad are always right. Even when there is no possible, conceivable way they can be, just trust me on this- they will have your best interests at heart. Always.

25. Finally, you are a really good person.
I feel a bit emosh thinking of all the wonderful, hard, crazy things that you’ll be dealing with over the next few years but you will get through it.
Smile, believe in your own ability and go kick some ass.
You, my darling, are a rock star so go and soar.

All my love,
Becs xxx


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