Hello there!

I was born in Newport, South Wales over a quarter of a century ago.
I am a proud Welsh woman who loves her dog, cups of tea, gender equality and bright coloured nail polish.

I recently chopped off my hair and took a global brand to task over their inaccurate women’s clothes sizes so I am currently feeling rather empowered. You’ll also find me writing about books, bucket lists, boobs and positive body image, as well as whatever tickles my fancy!

A few things about me:

. My thighs and I recently took H&M to town over their rubbish sizing system, made national news and won.

. I once met three film directors in one go and had no idea who any of them were.

. I’ve seen The Sound of Music over 200 hundred times and cry with joy from start to finish.

. I am a whale obsessive and in 2018 I ticked the first thing off my bucket list and saw orcas in the wild.

Same chin, different day.

. I went to university to study Drama and English and now work in comms.

. I own quite a few t-shirts with feminist slogans and more pairs of elastic waisted trousers any woman could possibly need.

. The gallery wall and rain forest of house plants in my flat are my pride and joy.

I decided to set up Becs Writes as a place for me to share my thoughts on things that make me happy, angry, sad, thoughtful or potentially all four at the same time. I also hope some of my words may help you as we all try to navigate this world.

Please leave a comment and say hello! I would love to hear from you.
I also share even more photos of my dog on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so come on over…

Becs xx