Cabins, Commuting, Cymraeg, Canines and Catch Ups.

Oh hey girl, hey. It’s been a while since I have had the chance to sit down and write a blog post. I blinked and we are now somehow nearly in the middle of May.

Life has been rather hectic one way or the other over the past couple of weeks. I’ve had anniversaries, ill health, weekends in a log cabin, doggie encounters, all the Cadbury’s chocolate and have made adult, life-affirming decisions. All of this and more, and that’s without even mentioning Game of Thrones Season 8. Good grief.
I thought I’d do a little catch up post for myself more than anything because the last month and a bit has been crazy busy, at times stressful and as always, one heck of a ride.

1. Holidays
April kicked off with back to back weekend adventures. NK and I celebrated our three year anniversary in the only way we know how: log cabin, fire pit, cups of tea and a compost loo.
I could have done without having to wee in the dark with no light and no flush but we had a bloody lovely weekend in our little hut on the hill just outside Hay on Wye.  We read our books, sat in the sunshine, had the most delish eggs on toast and ate more crumpets than I care to mention. Our little weekend break came at the end of what had been a tricky few weeks health wise. I’d been on antibiotics, had a fair few doctors’ appointments and was generally feeling really under the weather. This break was exactly what I needed, relaxing in the great outdoors with my fave- bliss.

A happy man in a wooden cabin.
A happy man outside a log cabin.

Not only did we have a gorgeous weekend break, we all went to Pembrokeshire over Easter weekend which was amazing. The whole fam gang descended on West Wales and we stayed in this beautiful Air Bnb with a sun-trap garden, ping pong table and the beach a ten minute walk away. The weather was glorious, Mum did her usual sublime Easter egg display, the dog went in the sea and wasn’t sick from drinking salt water (huzzah!) and we all got to hang out together and unwind. With all of us living in different places now, getting some much needed family bonding time in can be tricky and while the long weekend went far too fast, we all had a brilliant time. Pembs is beautiful and I’m already looking forward to going back very soon.

Beach dog.
Beach dog.

2. And She Would Walk 500 Miles
Evenings are lighter and mornings are brighter meaning I can finally stop driving to work every day! I was very good last spring/summer and decided to become a walking commuter. I’m a forty minute walk from the office but first thing in the morning, a stroll (more likely extreme power walk because timing isn’t my forte!) through the Welsh capital help clears the noggin ready for the day ahead. Not only is it a good, relaxing form of exercise it also gives me ample opportunity to catch up on podcasts.

Always late for work because I can’t pass up a photo opportunity.

I have loved the true crime podcast Serial over the last few weeks- I know, where have I been?! I inhaled season 1 over a matter of what felt like minutes and I know want to go to a pub with Sarah Koenig and have a natter because I feel like we would be best mates, k? If you haven’t listened to this series, I highly recommend. I am going to need to walk a lot slower because while the 40 minute sessions of investigative crime journalism are the perfect length for my daily amble, I fear I will soon run out of episodes. I will just have to live on Sky’s new documentary this summer The Case Against Adnan Syed and accept that there was no way he could have made that 2.36pm call from Best Buy’s phone booth. Or is there?! Go listen to Serial, like now.

3. You Can Take the Girl out of Wales…
I have mentioned before that I have been taking Welsh lessons but this last month I have really doubled my efforts to get to grips with the mother-tongue. I still have my weekly lessons but I have also been really enjoying using the app DuoLingo. It is really easy to use and there are so many languages to choose from. I am definitely starting the High Valyrian option as soon as I can.
The app can be used for five minutes or if you’re a keen bean like me, you can set yourself the target of practicing your Welsh for 20 minutes each day and there are loads of interactive quizzes for you to practice your reading, listening and writing skills.  Now I can take or leave the comedy green owl which occasionally pops up to give you a pep talk but looking beyond the avian interference, the app is super helpful and I am hoping it will be a beneficial and easy way to top up my Welsh. Watch this space…

Dw i’n mwynhau mynd i’r traeth gyda fy ci.

4. Being BRAVE
This past month, I took on my biggest fear in the world. Needles.
As I mentioned, I haven’t been all that well of late and the doctor suggested some blood tests to suss out what’s been happening. Now, I am fully aware how irrational a fear this is but that didn’t stop me from going all a quiver at the thought of even stretching my arm out straight and exposing the elbow crook area, let alone allowing a medical professional to jab a needle in there. The appointment also coincided with my travel vaccinations ready for our safari holiday so cue a heck of a lot of panicking and over-thinking before that appointment.
It would have been easy to decide to cancel the blood test, the thought crossed my mind a lot. It would have been easy to decide against doing what was best, and instead do what was easy (honestly, what would Dumbledore say!). In the end, I decided to face my horrid fear head on and embrace my inner Arya Stark. Not today, irrational fear, this gal has got shit to do.
So I did it. It wasn’t pleasant but I didn’t faint. I had three needles in the space of thirty minutes and I have never felt like more of a boss.

Wearing the battle wounds with pride.

5. Saying YES to Adventure
I always thought I had been an advocate for saying yes to things. Everything will work out in the end, everything happens for a reason, why the heck not?!
Then the time came for me to practice what I preach.
Sometimes life works in mysterious ways and before you know it, you are sat in a sunny beer garden deciding you want to travel the world. This month the boyf and I made a super exciting decision on what our next two years will consist of. We have two brilliant trips lined up for this year- counting down the days until Croatia (a week on Thursday!!!) and Kenya (just under three months!!!) but next year is set to be even more exciting. Next year we hope to visit not one, not two, but three continents.
More on this very soon and why being brave and saying ‘all right then’ is always a good idea.

So that’s what I have been up to this past month. I hope your March/April/May ½ has been as enjoyable and eventful as mine. I will leave you with this picture of another favourite doggie encounter. Our neighbour’s dog embracing his inner Bran Stark. I couldn’t leave this blog post without another subtle Game of Thrones reference. Valar Morghulis, y’all.

I think Albie is wargin’ for lyf.

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