What my Christmas told me about 2019…

As quickly as it arrived, Christmas is done for another year. I hope yours was joyous!

I ate copious amounts of pigs in blankets, drank more chardonnay than I care to mention and just enjoyed being with family and loved ones; it was bliss.
I was also incredibly lucky to receive some beautiful gifts that for me confirm the fact that 2019 is going to be a belter.

A collection of Christmas snaps. And the dog. Always the dog.

1. Orca slippers
It is no secret to anyone that I quite the fan of killer whales. (What, I hear you cry!) So imagine my delight upon opening a pair of slippers in the likeness of my favourite black and white cetaceans. Admittedly, they are not the most biologically accurate but they are wonderfully warm and for a woman whose feet are always frozen they are exactly what the doctor ordered. The dog also is in love with them which obviously settles the matter completely.

This is where I intend to be for the next six months.

2. Books, Glorious Books!
My goodness I received a beautiful literary haul. Becoming, Things I Know About Love, Bloody Brilliant Women, Would Would Boudicca Do?, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies, to name a few. Can you see a literary theme developing here?
I have literally inhaled Michelle Obama’s autobiography; a compelling, eloquently written memoir from the former FLOTUS whose words have made me laugh, sob and feel thoroughly inspired in equal measure. I really want to be her best friend now please.
One of my resolutions for the year is to make more time to read and I cannot to wait to get stuck in to my other new books. Next on my list is a book I have heard so many good things about, Dolly Alderton’s Things I Know About Love. I love listening to Alderton’s dulcet tones on The High Low; again I’m pretty late to the party on this brilliant podcast but I am now firmly considering calling any future children Dolly or Pandora purely so I can call them Panda and Dolls for short. That’s reasonable, right?
If anyone needs me over the next few months, I’ll be bunkered down in my new dinosaur pyjamas under my favourite fluffy blanket with a book in hand. Come find me in the summer, k?


3. Satin skirt of dreams
My mum is the best consultant when it comes to telling me what clothes just suit me. She also introduced me at a young age to the power of animal print. So naturally, Mother nailed it this year with the most beautiful leopard print satin skirt I ever did see. It’s a great wardrobe staple; a lovely length, flattering pleats and most importantly an elasticated waist which makes it beyond comfortable. I put this to the test after a full turkey roast, Christmas pud and an iced mince pie in one sitting and I am pleased to say it rose the occasion. I feel proper classy with it on and know I will get loads of wear from it; the perfect balance between office sophistication and channelling my inner Pat Butcher; I am officially in love.

A woman with a new skirt. i think she’s pretty pleased with herself.

4. Killer heels
Being 5’9, I never really need to wear heels. From eighteen onwards and being already taller than my mates, I was more than happy to don ballet pumps meaning I could comfortably dance the night away when out on the town. I always rejected the concept of putting heels on until a year ago when I stumbled across a pair of red block heels in the Asda George sale for £8. Best eight pounds I ever spent as not only are they comfortable, they feel all the more comfortable because they were such a bargain!
I thought I couldn’t love a pair of shoes more until my wonderful boyfriend nailed Christmas yet again. Enter stage left the most beautiful pair of velvet heels you ever laid your eyes on. With a mirrored heel. That’s right, a mirrored four inch heel. Admittedly, they are completely ridiculous but I am completely enamoured. We’ve got tickets to the opera in a few weeks’ time and they will look incredible with the leopard skirt; as I said earlier, classy bird me.

Channeling my inner Pat Butcher mixed with a disco ball.

5. Giving Whirl a whirl and feeling the Heat
As if all the above wasn’t enough, my parents surprised me not one but two high end make-up treats. Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette and a lip duo set of Whirl from MAC. I’ve talked before about my love of make-up and having grown up learning all about brands like Urban Decay and MAC, I still have a little fan-girl moment when I realise I get to use them on my chops!
The Naked Heat palette is made up of twelve beautiful reds and pink tones which are really pigmented, super wearable and smell amazing! They also blend like a dream.  I love using it every day and MAC’s Whirl makes me feel like a 90s vamp: matte, dark brown/purple tones, lasts for days.
Pass me my velvet scrunchie, multiple plastic choker necklaces and blast out the Backstreet Boys please!

Boobs, whales and glorious make-up.

These wonderful gifts got me feeling all pensive.

I feel incredibly blessed for such a brilliant Christmas day with my family, incredibly grateful for all the gifts I’ve been so lucky to receive, thankful for my full belly after a lot of tasty food* (I refer you to the points above regarding mince pie and turkey back to back) and mostly lucky to have had such a fantastic year in 2018.
So why mention these five gifts specifically? Well, I’ll tell ya.

My orca slippers will be a permanent reminder of 2018 which will always be the year I achieved my dream of seeing whales in the wild. They’ll remind me to keep my cold feet toasty instead of moaning about how cold said feet are. But most importantly, they will serve as a daily prompt for me to get on and start making new bucket lists, planning new adventures and completing new dreams. All while wearing the best slippers in the world. Dream big and never get cold feet. Win win.

My new tomes will lead me to question, to think, to be inspired and to learn. I can’t wait to read the words of women who can make the fire in my belly burn all the brighter so when faced with adversity I’ll be braver, more knowledgeable and more confident in my own ability. Pick up a book and you will never stop learning.

A skirt is only a skirt. Yes, of course it is, but I will use it too as a reminder to be bold. Pick the bright prints, be brave in your choices. Who says leopard print can’t be worn with a bright glittery jumper? If you want to, just wear it and wear it proud. 2018 was a year I really consolidated thisthis point.
The skirt of dreams will serve as not only a 10/10 outfit in which I feel the shizz, it will be a permanent reminder in the wardrobe that I’m bold enough to wear what I like, feel what I like and do what a like. Kind of like my own Aslan in skirt form. Except Aslan was definitely a lion.
I am woman in a leopard print skirt, hear me roar.

My swanky new pair of heels will serve me very well this year, I can feel it in my waters. Gorgeous peep toe, black velvet, ridiculous mirrored heel that brings me so much joy. You can’t help but feel full of confidence and that you rule the world when wearing them. So what if I might have to casually lean against a wall now and again or take smaller steps when walking to avoid any potential topples; I am thoroughly looking forward to owning it and these shoes feel kind of significant ones. Think of me as a combo of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (those shoes saved lives, people) and Meryl in The Devil Wears Prada. I already throw my coat at my boyfriend when I walk into a room so I’m so ready for it.

Heels- check. Confidence- triple check.

I really wanted to write this piece as a reminder of how lucky and blessed I was on my 25th Christmas.
Without doubt the best present received was the health and happiness of all of my special people, over the Yuletide season and every day of the year.

2019 is going to a year filled with ticking off more bucket list dreams, learning and feeling inspired, gaining more confidence, wearing good shoes, loving others and making sure I take time for old Becs. Because she’s a good ‘un.

A Christmas faced woman. Ready to take on the world.

Come on 2019, let’s be having you!


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